Friday Favorites: Cocktails, Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, and more!

Happy Friday!

March is proving to be an insanely busy month for me as far as side hustle projects go, but that’s a good thing so I am NOT complaining. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, right? Keep reading for today’s Friday Favorites!

Side note: one of those side hustles is working as a “field correspondent” for Cabot Cheese while their Gratitude Grille is in Atlanta. The Gratitude Grille is a food truck and their way of saying “thanks” to volunteers in different communities across the country. I’ll be hanging with them at Meals on Wheels in a couple weeks and then doing a blog post on their blog about the event. I’ll let you know when it’s up, though, in case you want to read it. 😉

Favorite food photo: this two scoop ice cream cone from Butter & Cream. It’s a seriously delicious flavor combo from a seriously wonderful ice cream shop in Decatur. On top we have raspberry and on the bottom we have “Sunday Brunch”, a swirly combo of maple, bourbon, and other magic. They’re opening a Roswell store too, which is great because there really are NOT enough ice cream places in the metro Atlanta area. #fact

Oh, and I celebrated hitting 20K followers on Instagram. It blows my mind that over 20,000 people follow ME, but I love it. So if you’re one of them, thank you! If you’re not you can find my glorious food and travel pics over here.


Favorite thing I’m looking forward to: the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. In the 3.5 years I’ve lived here I’ve never been to the AFWF. I love watching people’s jaws drop when I tell them that but, I don’t know, it just hasn’t worked out. Things are different this year and I’m determined to go! It’s June 1 -4 in Midtown and they have 91 classes on deck. The biggest pull for me? Breakfast is one of their main topics this year! I loooove breakfast, so sign me up. Of course, the tasting tents and dinners sound fabulous, too.


Favorite sip: this cocktail from Foxtrot Liquor Bar in Midtown. This sexy drink is the Life on Mars and it’s concocted with gin, dry white port, lime, matcha, champagne, and Earl Grey bitters. I can’t resist a bubbly drink and this one was lovely.

Life on Mars from Foxtrot Liquor Bar

Life on Mars from Foxtrot Liquor Bar

Foxtrot is a cool spot worth visiting for happy hour or a post/pre-dinner drink. They have a small food menu with bites, but cocktails is where they really shine. Did I mention the bar is 80’s-themed? You enter a timewarp upon entering and it’s delightful. Plaid and houndstooth everywhere and 80’s tunes. Keep it in the back of your mind next time you have a show at the Fox!

Favorite purchase: this cute workout tank. I’ve been hitting the gym 3-4 times a week so I felt like I deserved a reward. Hello, cute tank from Target! This shall be my weekend workout tank… because brunch. If you to twin with me you can find it at Target.

Crunch then Brunch

*not me* Photo by Target

Favorite Listen: The Sporkful with Dan Pashman. In the past couple of months I’ve transformed into a podcast junkie. For real though, they’re the best way to distract yourself from abysmal commutes and painful lunges at the gym. And there’s a podcast for everyone! It’s amazing.

The Sporkful

So “The Sporkful” is exactly as it claims, “not for foodies, but for eaters”. The host, Dan, talks about ALL things food but not just elevated, froufrou stuff. In one episode he interviewed comedian Margaret Cho about her past eating disorders and in another he did a “Serial” parody about sandwich theft in an office. He’s a wonderful interviewer which is something I especially pay attention to as I try to become a better interviewer myself. I would start with either of those episodes, but I also loved his talk with Danny Meyer (of Shake Shack) and the “Candian Food Invasion” episode made me want to buy some maple butter like stat. I also have a new life goal which is to go on a dining adventure with Dan Pashman sometime. Hi Dan, come to Atlanta!

What’s on everyone’s plate this weekend? I’m visiting Spring for dinner on Saturday. It’s a newish restaurant in Marietta and the chef, Brian So, is up for a Rising Star James Beard Award. Can’t wait!



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