Friday Favorites: Funfetti, Oysters, and More!


Welcome to the 30th Birthday Edition of Friday Favorites. This week’s Friday Favorites is dedicated to me. Because…it’s my birthday! 🙂

Favorite Birthday Girl: Me, Lia Picard. I’m 30! I’m so excited for a new decade and I’m feeling good about all the things coming my way. Here’s to more writing opportunities, fun times with friends, travels, and of course, delicious meals!

Photo by Kenan Hill

Photo by Kenan Hill

Favorite Doughnut: these Funfetti doughnuts! I picked them up from Doughnut Dollies, one of my favorite doughnut spots in Marietta. Because there are no points on your birthday I’m letting myself have one.


Favorite birthday activity: oyster happy hour at BeetleCat. BeetleCat is a beautiful Ford Fry restaurant in the hopping Inman Quarter development. Their seafood dishes are all wonderful, but from 5-7 pm they have $1 oysters! You just can’t beat that. I plan on washing them down with Champagne. Like, the real stuff. From France. Because it’s my birthday.


Beetlecat Oysters

Down the hatch we go

Favorite husband: mine! Jonathan Picard is the best. He bought me a MacBook Pro for my birthday, and today the “Coffee Fairy” left a $30 Starbucks gift card by my purse. He’s also my biggest supporter and fan. Really, he likes every pic I post on Instagram. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. I can’t wait to pal around with him all weekend! Looks like we’ll be heading to Decatur for lunch at No. 246ice cream at Butter & Cream, and shopping at Kudzu. Dinner tomorrow night at Better Half.

the best husband eva!

the best husband eva at Dinner by Heston in London!

Favorite thing I did for myself: a 6:30 am workout! I hate waking up early, especially on Friday, but I really wanted to go into 30 on the right foot. So my personal trainer, Peta-Gay, came over and worked my abs. OUCH! But ouch in a good way, you know? I don’t have a photo for that, so here is a gif of a walrus working out.


Workout GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Thanks for reading my gratuitous birthday Friday Favorites. I hope you have a great weekend planned!


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