Friday Favorites: Xocolatl, Cake, Fashion and more!


Happy Friday! Here are this week’s favorite things.

Favorite food pic: This pizza pic we took at Varuni Napoli last weekend. Their pizza makes us so happy!

Favorite recipe: this buffalo chicken dip recipe I just posted today! I made it for the Super Bowl but didn’t have a chance to publish it before then. I made it Wisham Jellies’ Fire! Pepper Jelly. It’s so good, Jon will eat it by itself for dinner.

Buffalo Chicken Dip with Pepper Jelly | The Cardigan Kitchen

Favorite thing I’ve bought: a tulle skirt for my 30th birthday festivities. My birthday is less than a month away and my outfit is all set. I’m just missing the tiara!

Favorite thing I’m doing this weekend: co-hosting a Galentine’s Party with my friend Kristin. Everyone is bringing a cake! I’m bringing a cake… and dip. We know why. Which cake am I bringing? To be decided, but I’m leaning towards the Champagne cake from Anne Byrn’s book “American Cake”.


Favorite thing I did this week: I got to tour Xocolatl‘s micro factory with a few of my fellow Instagrammers and Bloggers. The factory is small but MIGHTY. It was so cool to see the behind-the-scenes process, but what was even cooler was learning about how they source their chocolate from independent farms in Central and South America. Their chocolate bars are not cheap (about $9), but the chocolate is some of the best I’ve ever had and it comes with a clean conscience.

Friday Favorites: Xocolatl

Chocolate oozing.

Favorite thing I wrote outside of the blog: this feature on Bon Glaze Doughnuts on StyleBlueprint Atlanta. I love their artful doughnuts, so it was fun to delve into their process a bit more.

Bon Glaze Doughnuts

Alright beautiful people, have a great weekend. Hope you’re all doing something fun!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Xocolatl, Cake, Fashion and more!

  1. Excellent review of Bon Glaze, Lia. One suggestion: please don’t use ‘nestled’ to describe any place’s location. Bon Glaze is in a standard-issue strip mall setting, similar to 1000s of other stores around Atlanta. “Nestled” is overly precious.


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