Breakfast in Atlanta: Soho Cafe and Bakery

TCK Dines Out

I’ve always been a morning person, but lately I’ve been super into breakfast dates. There’s something nice about getting on the road before traffic gets heavy and catching up with a friend one-on-one as the restaurant quietly buzzes around you. It makes you feel like you’re in your own dining room, but with people bringing you delicious food.

Recently I had one of these morning rendezvous at Soho Cafe and Bakery. It’s in a quiet area of Sandy Springs hidden just off of Roswell Road. Soho took over an already established bakery, so the owners closed up shop for a bit allowing them to renovate and reset. I didn’t go to the shop that was there before but Soho is warm and inviting with plenty of tempting treats in the case. Executive chef Brian Lee and his team are super passionate about their work. They get into the kitchen overnight cranking out bagels, pastries, cakes, and breads for the next day. Besides breakfast, there’s a lunch menu with sandwiches and cafe fare.

But we were all about breakfast that morning.

Against my better judgment, I let Chef Lee talk me into a bagel sandwich. I wouldn’t normally get such a heavy sandwich, but he insisted that their bagel sandwiches are amazing. And he was right – I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this thing!

img_0692 It’s loaded with fried egg, turkey bacon, avocado, tomato, cheese. I ate about half of it, so maybe share it with someone if you don’t have an ambitious appetite. The bagel itself was great, too. I would totally get one again with just cream cheese and tomato (my go-to). Full disclosure: I’m not a bagel snob. I didn’t like NYC bagels when I lived there, and I go to Einstein Bro’s about once every couple of months. So take that into account. But I thought there was a nice doughiness about this bagel, it was fresh, and I loved the onion topping.

My friend Alyssa (of ATL Bucket List) had a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Two girls from Boca were bound to get bagels for breakfast, right?


Photo by Alyssa Fagien

Don’t forget about those pastries. The Danishes are over-the-top delicious with tons of jam filling and the cookies are pretty good, too.

Soho Cafe and Bakery in Sandy Springs

These cookies have fondant drops. I thought the fondant would be way too hard to chew but it was actually pretty good. And who doesn’t love cookies with sprinkles?

Soho Cafe and Bakery

I’ll be back for lunch! And cake…and cupcakes…!

Fun Fact: They serve local coffee! Cool Beans is a roastery based in Marietta and Soho serves about four different blends. I really like the Brazilian roast with its seductive hints of chocolate. 😉

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Thank you for hosting us, Soho Cafe and Bakery! The breakfast was complimentary but thoughts and opinions are my own.


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