Buckhead(ish) Dining: Yumbii Taqueria

TCK Dines Out

Atlanta’s first food truck, Yumbii, found a brick and mortar home located off Peachtree Road just north of Midtown and just south of Buckhead. SoBu? NoMid? Something to ponder while you chow down on some of their tasty grub. Yumbii was founded in 2010 by Atlanta native Carson Young. You can learn all sorts of fun things about Carson by reading this Inside Atlanta profile I did on him.

Yumbii offers Asian takes on taqueria fare in a casual, come-as-you-are environment. Here were some of my favorite bites:

Yumbii | The Cardigan Kitchen

Spicy Pork Rice Bowl

At first glance, it may look like just lettuce, but under that pile of greens is a delicious combination of spicy pork, black bean salsa, and a soy-sesame vinaigrette dressing. A good value at $8.

Yumbii | The Cardigan Kitchen

Fish Taco

This fish taco with panko crusted tilapia was probably my favorite! At $3 it’s a nice balance of value and flavor, loaded up with a nice piece of fish, hoisin tarter sauce, and Korean BBQ sauce. Maybe not filling enough by itself, but add a side and you’re all set to go.

Speaking of sides, these sesame fries are a must. As is the sriracha cheese dip. But really, I need more cheese dip!

Yumbii | The Cardigan Kitchen

Sesame Fries and Sriracha Cheese Dip

I’m so used to quesadillas going for about $12 these days, so it was nice to see that Yumbii’s quesadilla is only $8. We opted for the Asian rib-eye beef. The quesadilla is stuffed with the same accouterments as many of the other dishes. The side of chipotle sour cream which is spicy and cool all at the same time rounds it out. For a lunch that’s filling, but not too filling, this is a good way to go.

Yumbii Taqueria | The Cardigan Kitchen

Beef Quesadilla

Besides the tasty food, Yumbii did a great job designing their new space. It’s narrow, but offers plenty of seating and has a lovely sunroom complete with a garage door. On a warm, sunny day it’ll be a great spot to perch and watch traffic go by as you munch on your sesame fries.

It’s great to see another fast-casual restaurant with affordable, but delicious/high-quality options pop up. I’ll definitely swing by Yumbii when I’m in the area…even if it’s just for some of that cheese dip! Next month they’ll begin offering margaritas, which is even more of a reason to visit.

1927 Peachtree Rd.

Come here for: a quick lunch or dinner with a few friends or on your own; hangover takeout
Definitely order: the fish taco, quesadilla, and sesame fries
Thing to know: there’s metered street parking up front, but plenty of free parking behind the building
Open: Sunday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Yumbii hosted me but thoughts and opinions are my own.
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