The Essential Thanksgiving Guide + a Giveaway!

Remember how I’m doing an eight-week collaboration with Sprouts at Gateway? This is the second installment!

It’s my favorite time of year. THANKSGIVING! I love, love, love all things Thanksgiving. Last year I was in Paris on Thanksgiving, but this year I’m spending it with my aunt and uncle in Maryland for a home cooked meal.


Don’t think I won’t be doing some Thanksgiving cooking of my own, though. I love making Thanksgiving dishes, even if it’s before or after the actual holiday due to travel. My recent trip to Sprouts has me even more pumped for the holiday thanks to all the inspiring holiday displays.

Pumpkin season is winding down, but cans of pumpkin are on sale at the Sprouts at Gateway – who doesn’t love pumpkin pie? (Okay, I know some of you don’t like it. That’s okay, we can still be friends.)


I make my own cranberry sauce and would normally judge you if you told me you buy the canned stuff, but I trust the canned cranberry sauce from Sprouts. Why? It doesn’t have the junk that other canned cranberry sauces have. And I know not everyone feels like making it from scratch. And it’s only $1.50 a pop!


Ah, boxed stuffing – a guilty pleasure of mine. I know, I judge if you buy canned cranberry sauce… but I like boxed stuffing. Hard to keep up, right? Anyway, Arrowhead Mills is a high-quality flour brand and they happen to make delicious boxed bagged stuffing too.


This is the mother ship of holiday essentials at Sprouts, found right near the produce section. If you’re in a pinch and need ingredients for your holiday treats ASAP, you can probably find them all right here. Marshmallows, chocolate morsels, flours, pumpkin, you name it – if it’s a holiday baking ingredient, it’s here.


For most of us, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the turkey. Sprouts offers organic and all-natural turkeys. The organic turkeys are “fresh, never frozen,” free of hormones and antibiotics, roam free, are fed an organic diet and are minimally processed. Similarly, the all-natural turkeys are cage-free and are processed with no artificial ingredients and no added hormones.


If you’re not feeling turkey, Sprouts’ Old Thyme Butcher Shop offers lovely whole chickens perfect for roasting.


Need some Thanksgiving inspiration? Check out my bourbon corn pudding and chocolate pie (also with bourbon). I also think my honey pine nut tart would be a nice, non-traditional dessert. Don’t forget this pumpkin bread pudding, either!

Ready for this week’s giveaway? Tell me what your FAVORITE Thanksgiving dish is, and a randomly selected commenter will win a $50 Sprouts gift card. Congrats to Kelly who won last week’s giveaway!

This post is part of an eight-week series in partnership with Gateway Shopping Center and Sprouts Farmers Market. The products mentioned were complimentary, but hand chosen by me, and thoughts/opinions are my own.


44 thoughts on “The Essential Thanksgiving Guide + a Giveaway!

  1. We’ll be in MD for Thanksgiving too 🙂 My favorite Thanksgiving dish is Sweet Potato Casserole with a brown sugar and pecan crumble topping .


  2. Love, love, love them all!!! 🍰My favorite Thanksgiving dish is creamed cauliflower made with a whole cauliflower and topped with homemade white sauce.


  3. Cornbread dressing is definitely my favorite Thanksgiving dish. So much so that I eat turkey and dressing at meat and three’s whenever it’s offered.


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  6. My favorite from the meal portion is cornbread stuffing, mixed together with the turkey and gravy. For dessert, and my overall favorite, is sweet potato pie.


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